OFT No.6" 成立于2015年。我們是壹家集服裝零售、男士理發、trunk show等多功能爲壹體的工業系複古主題空間。在這裏,您可以找到來自業內最權威的美式複古男裝品牌The Real Mccoy's的全線産品,以及享受由古董家具打造的男士專屬理發空間。定期舉辦的trunk show活動更給您帶來與國內外工匠、設計師、藝術家零距離交流的機會。

Established in 2015, "LOFT No.6" is a vintage industrial concept space that contains menswear retail, barber shop & trunk show events holding. We carry full line of the most authentic vintage American style menswear brand "The Real Mccoy's", and we provide a men's only barber shop inside the space fully decorated by vintage objects. Our trunk show program also offers our fans to have the opportunity to meet the craftsmen, designers, artisans in a zero distance way.
地址北京市798艺术区,706北一街,LOFT #6
电话010-5978 9625
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